Increase band saw machine

YK-100, YK-100S

Increase band saw machine
Increase band saw machine

Available for large-sized materials such as panel, plastics, styrofoam, cardboard, rubber, etc. The table top is made of bakelite, prolonging the use of machines. Also, with larger size, the table top can increase stability and productivity while processing.
And, the table top adopts a round bar type slide rail, which avoid getting stuck while pushing the table; and the design also increases the weight load and the use of machines.

On the other hand, the machine has safety devices such as safety cover, a motor belt cover, and automatic break for three-wheel door cover.And, the motor increases the frequency converter that can change the speed according to the material.

Increase band saw machine
motor with frequency converter
Increase band saw machine
blow dust & cool down pipe
Increase band saw machine
round bar type slide rail & EMC
Increase band saw machine
automatic break for three-wheel door
  YK-100 YK-100S
Saw Wheel Diameter 14”(355.6m/m) 14”(355.6m/m)
Motor 5HP 5HP
Saw Blade Size 3/4”~1”(19.05~25.4m/m) 3/4”~1”(19.05~25.4m/m
Capacity 200cm(L)*200cm(w)*50cm(H) 客製尺寸
Table 200cm(L)*200cm(w) 客製尺寸
Wheel Speed 0~600rpm(加裝變頻器) 0~600rpm(加裝變頻器)
L*W*H 200cm x 300cm x 210cm 客製尺寸