Double Horizonal Band Saw Machine


Double Horizonal Band Saw Machine

Double Band Saw Horizontal Band Saw Use the conveyor to cut the wood to the cutting position, use the horizontal band saw to increase the stability of the cutting work and make the wood use effectively. Reduce unnecessary wood consumption, using double band saw blade to reduce processing time. Can increase stability, accuracy and yield, but can reduce operator demand.

Double Horizonal Band Saw Machine
Double band saw blade
Double Horizonal Band Saw Machine
Back to the conveyor belt
  YK-24S2 YK-28S2
Maximum processing size (W x H)
300mm x 200mm
Distance from blade to conveyor table 3mm~150mm 10mm~150mm
Conveyor table length 2200mm
Return conveyor table length 1100mm
Saw wheel diameter Ø 610 x 22mm, Ø 610 x 38mm, Ø 711x 89mm
Saw blade size 1”, 2", 3”&4”
Saw wheel motor 20 HP*2
Conveyor belt motor Hydraulic transmission or Electric motor
Hydraulic motor 2HP*1 3HP*1 1/2HP*2
Lift motor 1/2HP*2
Feed speed 0 ~ 25 m/min
Dust hood diameter Ø 4" x 4
Net weight 1700Kgs
Control System Tradition & PLC
Mechanical size(L x W x H) 250x 200 x130cm
Packing size(L x W x H) 300x 250 x160cm